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13/06/2020 A commissioner on the Unlocking Commission... whose report is released this weekend

This article appeared in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, 13th June, 2002, "Exclusive: Super-sized housing developments set to be fast-tracked under post-coronavirus recovery plans" ... Proposals, seen by The Telegraph, aim to allow construction to begin within 12 months of moment plans are submitted ... By Anna Mikhailova, Deputy Political Editor...

"The plans originated in a post-Covid recovery paper presented this month to Number 10’s policy unit by the Unlock Britain Commission, which includes Shanker Singham, economist Gerard Lyons, Dame Helena Morrissey, and is led by the Conservative MP Bim Afolami

"The paper calls for reform of the "Byzantine planning system" and says using DCOs to speed up the process should become "the norm rather than the exception for all infrastructure development of certain types".

"It proposes changing the Planning Act to require all developments of infrastructure to use the DCO process unless they have a particular reason not to and adds: "To make that a meaningful change, the DCO process must be made suitable for infrastructure development that is not deemed a nationally significant infrastructure project."


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