• Dr Gerard Lyons

Forthcoming talk: Gerard Lyons to respond in a debate on inflation and who is to blame

On Tuesday 14th September at noon, I will be responding to a keynote speech by Professor Tim Congdon on inflation and monetary policy. The lunchtime talk and discussion is hosted by Politeia, the think tank, at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in Pall Mall.

The title is, “The Return of Inflation: Is the Bank of England to blame?” Professor Tim Congdon CBE, Founder and Chairman, Institute of International Monetary Research, University of Buckingham will present his panel. There are two respondents: Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist, Netwealth and Professor Lord Kamall, Professor of Politics and International Relations, St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Edite Ligere, Politeia's Director and a barrister who specialises in financial services, will chair the event. Tim will open with a keynote address summarising the themes in his forthcoming Politeia publication (c. 20 mins) with the attached slides. Edite will then invite Gerard and Lord Kamall each to respond for c. 7 mins. After that there will be questions and discussion from the floor.