• Dr Gerard Lyons

My visit to Zurich

VISITING Zurich to give a global talk

It was a pleasure to visit Zurich again. My last few visits to Zurich have been in transit, so to speak, stopping over or passing through on the way to Davos. This time it was the only destination, and it is a lovely place to visit, even if only for a short while and on business.

The main purpose of the trip was to speak at the Asia Leaders Forum – with the event taking place at the impressive Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, in Rueschlikon.

I also managed to have a breakfast meeting at the central bank the Swiss National Bank, a lunch with business leaders hosted by Swiss Re in their Zurich office, and of course no visit to Zurich would the same without a visit to the Baur au Lac, albeit if only for a meeting over coffee. After my talk, we also had a detailed discussion about the global outlook in the Villa at Rueschlikon with those guests who attended the talk.

As for the presentation – we had a small, invited, high quality audience to hear my twenty minute speech. This was then followed by a discussion with three economists who are experts on Asia who were zoomed in from New York, Dublin and Edinburgh – Dr Jim Walker, from Edinburgh, author and ex-editor of the Economist Bill Emmott from Dublin and the Chief Asian economist of Oxford Economics, Louis Kuijs who joined from New York. The event is to be broadcast to the global audience of the Asia Leaders Series on October 28th.