• Dr Gerard Lyons

Some recent media appearances

Radio 4 Today Programme Live interview On Friday 25th January, the Chancellor was interviewed live on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. I was interviewed live on Today, to discuss the Chancellor’s comments and wider issues, linked to No Deal. My interview is on the last 4 minutes 40 seconds of the programme:

Radio 5 Live - live interview from the Middle East

On Monday 28th January I was interviewed live on BBC Radio 5. I was in the Middle East at the time (and to be frank when they asked me to go on the programme I was fresh and sharp, by the time I appeared about three hours later I was feeling a bit tired following the flight! Nonetheless I put up a valid analysis of why the report from the various retailers about No Deal needed to be kept in context.

CityAM comments On Friday 1st February, my comments figured in the front page story of CityAM about the latest problems in Italy and the euro area.

...Netwealth economist Gerard Lyons said the figures exposed “deep-rooted structural problems” across the continent.

“It’s not just Italy, we are seeing weakness across the board in the euro area,” he said.

“It has exposed how sensitive markets and economies have been to monetary easing and subsequent monetary tightening.”

During the two quarters of Italy’s contraction, Rome was embroiled in an intense standoff with the EU over its big-spending budget plan for 2019. The Italian government finally agreed to revise its expansive plan after the European Commission (EC) threatened to impose fines. But concerns still remain about the country’s high level of debt and its struggling banks..

Sky News live interview On Monday 4th February I was interviewed live on Sky News about Nissan and the economy.  Daily Telegraph On Monday 4th February, I had a lengthy piece in the Telegraph on, ‘The real reasons bending Nissan’s U-turn on Sunderland’. This piece can be read in full elsewhere on my web page.

New Statesman Letter On Friday 15th February, I had a letter published in the New Statesman, in response to an interesting recent article by their economics editor on the UK labour market. This is covered in the next blog.