• Dr Gerard Lyons

The UK and state aid - my live appearance on Bloomberg TV - 9th September 2020

On Wednesday 9th September, I appeared live on Bloomberg TV to discuss the issue of state aid, the current hot topic in the Brexit talks. In the ten minute interview, I highlighted that the main focus for the UK was to break free of the EU's rules and regulations.

Importantly, the UK must ensure that it does agree a deal with the EU that then ties its hands in either dealing with the rest of the world or that it does not constrain the UK in its future domestic economic policy.

When it comes to state aid, there is a case for the government - directly or indirectly - to foster high end innovation and production. But, the issue in my view is less about state aid and more about the UK achieving its aim to break-free of EU rules and regulations.

i will add the video or audio link once available.